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Weaving Fabric, Weaving Health

Those of you who follow my art making account on Instagram will notice I haven’t done any encaustic in a while. Unfortunately, my health has plummeted, again, as it does every year around this time, and encaustic work requires a certain baseline amount of energy that I don’t have. I’ve had to adjust to art forms that are doable from bed. Encaustic is definitely not one of them!


Artwork, Chronic Illness

Fabric Collage

This is an ongoing series started in 2019 that was inspired by a narrative textile piece I made with fabric and glue in grade 4. It was wonderfully tactile and I spent many hours of childhood stroking the textures of the various fabrics. Harkening back to that grade school project, I have chosen materials that appeal to my inner child, and have tried to keep the assembly and stitching wild, naive, loose, and pleasurable to touch.



On Creativity

I don't have many words lately. I’m often verbose, sometimes annoyingly so, but this no words thing happens now and again. It’s my mindbody processing. Sometimes I need more time in silence than other times. This is one of those times.


Artwork, On Creativity